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employee testimonials

Our continued success is directly attributed to the professionalism and dedication of TreisTekians! We at TreisTek work together as a team to establish trust, respect and dignity for all. The below testimonials are the tribute to our culture.


Hanumant, Group Lead

"I started my career in TreisTek as a 3D engineer. TreisTek, being a start-up company, has helped me gain a deeper appreciation of the difficulties involved in implementing a project with limited resources. Whenever I feel doubtful about the solution, my teammates always jump in to help me out with innovative ideas.  Looking back at my time in TreisTek so far makes me really proud."


Vrinda, BD Manager

TreisTek is a great place to work! While I do appreciate all the company's perks, it’s TreisTek's culture of care and commitment to its clients and employees that tops my list. It is inspiring to work  for a company which is dedicated to sincerely give its best equally to its clients and employees. I feel gratified and look forward to being a part of this organization for a long tenure and give my best too and contribute my services for its growth and all its accomplishments.


Bharathi , Senior CAD Engineer

 After joining TreisTek as a 3D engineer, I have worked on truly great projects. I have an amazing feeling knowing that I am making a difference to the world. A lot of people here have supported and inspired me to become the person I am today by showing me trust and providing me with tonnes of motivation. I hope to somehow return the favour by helping and motivating other young engineers who share the similar dreams.


Vikram, Senior 3D Modeller

TreisTek is my family and I am privileged to work here. The friendly environment of TreisTek creates a lot of positive vibes. The people here are very young and energetic. TreisTek promotes cultural diversity which results in out-of-the-box thinking and employee growth.

Nishant (3).jpg

Nishanth, Sales Manager

"One of the great things in TreisTek is the diverse work environment. Every member of the TreisTek family is treated equally irrespective of their designation. This is the place which values my personal growth over accomplishment of tasks. Here I work with various clients all over the globe. TreisTek has helped me to imbed positive traits like structuring my daily routine, discipline and working towards the goal."


Rashi, HR Executive

TreisTek is a good platform that recognises talent and hard work while providing a conducive and friendly work environment, flexible work schedules, great co-workers, plentiful training opportunities, celebrations and team outings.

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