Orthophoto Services

A set of computer programs has been generated to perform the generation of orthophotos, using the terrain relief information (DTM) and the corresponding digital image. The procedure used takes the terrain position of each one of the orthophoto cells or pixels, next with the corresponding DTM, and the photograph orientation parameters, is determined the position of the orthophoto cell on the digital aerial photograph. 

Orthophoto Generation

TreisTek has proven expertise in offering Orthophoto services and has successfully delivered projects that require Thermal Imagery Processing, RGB & CIR Orthophotography and Black & White Orthophotography. Orthophoto allows precise calculations of Planimetric distances with real-life representations of the ground areas being measured.


Our orthophoto generation services include - 


  • Multi-sensor image fusion

  • Seamline editing and

  • Object-based image classification

  • Colour balancing and image mosaicing

  • Tile cutting

  • Ortho rectification and orthophoto interpretation

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