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BIM for Architects

Updated: Jul 15, 2021

Building Information Modeling is a methodology that allows architects to create digital design simulations to manage all the information associated with an architectural project.

TreisTek’s architectural design and drafting services, BIM models and architectural BIM coordination services help the architects to manage the construction projects with BIM inputs like clash detection reports and constructability reviews. Our 4D BIM simulation solutions help architects have total control over the project and view the changing worksite in real time for better management.

BIM increases the efficiency

Our capabilities in accurate quantity takeoffs, 3d modeling, clash detection, coordination and Scan to BIM construction help architects to work with team members in a better manner and achieve increased efficiency with project handling and completion.

BIM helps in better co-ordination

Our services enable high sustainability, deliver higher accuracy, cut down project cost, save time and coordinate building information in a better manner which helps the architects to stay a notch above their competitors and capture the increasingly complex market of architectural services for the building and construction industry.

Detailed visualization tools

Architects can see the building in basic 3D dimensions like height, width, and depth. But our BIM services enable them to view a building based on how long it will take to complete each element (4D) and how much it will cost at every stage (5D).

Environmental impact analysis

With the help of our BIM software, we can display a building in a sixth dimension, which is an analysis of the building’s environmental impact over time. This helps us find the most energy-efficient materials and most effective regenerative design features.

Modeling and testing

Our BIM services deliver a platform for the hosting of 3D modeling and structural assessments. Architects are able to experiment with designs and materials, efficiently input the data into structural simulators and test the viability of plans and its impacts. This information is cross-checked by structural engineers and any inputs made are automatically propagated across all files.

BIM provides enhanced details

Our BIM services are not only about sharing information, but also about the quality of that information. The level of details available on BIM models far surpasses what the construction industry has been working with. The details include information on the exact make, model, specifications, quantities and material of things used in the construction.

Client communication

With the help of our BIM services, we create 3D models for structural purposes. Further, these 3D models are used for showcasing designs and linking virtual reality headsets which enables clients to explore a building on their own. Our BIM level 3 services deliver improved communication within teams and across client relationships.

BIM for higher sustainability and energy efficiency in architectural building designs

Architects and building surveyors all over the world are highly influenced by green designs and sustainability solutions for architectural engineering. Our services such as BIM energy analysis and BIM energy modeling are targeted at fulfilling the sustainability plans of an architectural design project. Architects utilize our BIM expertise and strengths for effectively planning architectural projects for housing plans, retail showrooms, commercial complexes, office buildings and many more.

In order to access the true potential of BIM, architects need to go beyond the BIM level 2 mandate and insist on database and collaborative software. By augmenting reality capture technology and cloud sharing platforms, the possible outcomes are defined. We harness the power of BIM to design the most impressive buildings for our clients which will have enduring legacies.

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