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BIM in Construction and How TreisTek can Help You?

Updated: Oct 6, 2021

BIM is always one of the hottest construction technology trends. It comes as no surprise if we consider that the emergence of an open and highly collaborative data ecosystem is on the way.

BIM that stands for Building Information Modeling has proven its prowess introducing several benefits and efficiencies to a construction project. Utilizing BIM solutions has helped us to improve the quality of work, increase speed and productivity, and lower the costs in terms of design, construction, and operation of buildings.


BIM technology is the catalyst for a fundamental change in how we manage, design and develop a construction project.

BIM is widely gaining popularity in construction. BIM brings several benefits and efficiencies to a construction project. With the following upcoming trends in BIM, TreisTek has upgraded itself and has stepped into the following -

Construction Scheduling – 4D simulation

TreisTek delivers 4D simulation models which enable the various participants (from architects, designers, contractors to owners) of construction projects, to visualize the entire duration of a series of events and display the progress of construction activities through the lifetime of the project. So, we can reduce onsite problems and rework time.

Cost and material estimation – 5D and 6D BIM

TreisTek’s 5D-BIM services incorporate details such as geometrics, aesthetics, thermal and acoustic properties in its projects which shows how a decision affects the costs of a design at an early stage. Whereas, 6D-BIM primarily focuses on the long term, whereby data for maintenance and sustainability will be added at an early stage.

Using BIM, we can plan better which has fewer delays, a more accurate timeline, reduced electricity consumption, improved insulation, a better impact on the environment, stand stronger and cheaper yet more reliable. It also provides quick calculations based on hundreds of variables which is very convenient when only a few variables change. BIM immediately evaluates how much a delay would cost you so you can quickly adjust your budget.

3D Laser scanning data

TreisTek works on various point clouds data which has been conducted by a 3D laser scan at the building site. This scan provides accurate 3D dimensions of the building and the data aids in creating the BIM model.

Site Utilization Planning

We use BIM which helps us to plan exactly how onsite locations will be used and eventually look. It allows spatial allotment of the site for temporary facilities, cranes and equipment placing, material storage silos, and many other necessities. This ensures proper use of all the available space wisely and no conflicting projects will occur.

Organization and collaboration

To simplify and coordinate work is the essence of BIM. The software divides the construction process into several steps on an accurate timeline. Better organization means better collaboration, better results, and fewer delays. It concerns contractors and architects mostly, but it may benefit developers as well as they have a better understanding of the progress of the project, its budget, and delays.


The times of losing vital documents about some obscure part of a building are over. With BIM, you have access to every piece of information. This is particularly important during the construction phase so that every professional corps can find the data they need to work quickly. Plus, it makes things easy when a new partner arrives ten years after the beginning of the project.

TreisTek creates comprehensive BIM models which are sufficiently detailed to generate construction drawings and documentation. It also includes an accurate set of drawings incorporating appropriate data regarding each step of the construction process and all details required to make a comprehensive estimate and ultimately construct the project. TreisTek has expertise in delivering highly accurate construction documents as per requisite construction codes, standards, and specifications.


TriesTek uses fabrication in BIM to enhance design insight and design communication. It also helps us to expand the project scope, communication, complexity, and enhance the design process. We develop both structural and shop drawings for a project using BIM and convert conceptual sketches and paper-based drawings to 2D CAD fabrication drafts concept and 2D working drawings for industrial equipment and devices, sheet metal and fabrication drawings for shop floor requirements.


BIM helps us to produce very high-quality renderings and a video walkthrough to show the different design possibilities in the existing building. The challenges faced during the energy analysis process include lack of accuracy, incomplete or ineffective modeling, cost, and schedule over-runs. But TreisTek’s BIM services help in better prediction of building performance, boost energy efficiency, cost savings, code compliance, and increased certainty.

The conditions methods that we use include photos, blueprints, scanned 2D drawings, CAD drawings, and models, aligning resources, standardizing data format, standardizing design, ensuring accuracy and efficiency.

To conclude

The further evolution of our BIM services is anticipated to make construction projects more productive and affordable by including revolutionary sustainability and safety measures. It is evident, then, that BIM could function as a game-changer for construction and offer a detailed depiction of the project development in an open and highly collaborative environment.

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