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Case Study - Commercial Building

Project Title: Commercial Building

Location: Europe

Project Duration:115 hours

As-Built Model: LOD 300

In this project, we have developed electrical elements, routing, and placement. We have also worked on MEPF Coordination and MEPF Modeling. Effective clash detection during the process has provided valuable insights for designers to make the necessary changes as and when required.

Input: PDF files

Output: 3D MEPF Model

TreisTek’s Solutions:

MEPF Coordination, MEPF Modeling, and Clash Detection.


  • Developed electrical elements routing and placement.

  • Guaranteed on-time delivery by dedicating separate teams and resources.

  • Avoid discrepancies in the modeling process by developing a smooth workflow and level of detail.

  • Provide progress reports as per the requirement to ensure the accurate delivery of models in line with the clients’ requirements.

  • Providing separate resources and tools for quality checks.

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