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Case Study - Heritage Project

Updated: Jul 15, 2021

Project Overview

One of the latest trends today is rebuilding the heritage buildings. The current project called for modelling and development of a heritage building. Though the house was partially destroyed, TreisTek could fetch the floor plans and a few pictures of the building.

Challenges Faced

The challenge with heritage building that we face quite often is that the buildings are destroyed, and this results in lack of input data to create the model/design. Project like this pose a significant challenge like missing roof details and demolition of interiors. The wall, staircase, rooms and fire camps were destroyed. The interiors did not have elevations. Hence, this project provided a great environment for learning.


TreisTek overcame these challenges by looking out for the details like images, street view and other relevant information in Google earth. Then, we had to match the pictures obtained through Google earth with the available floor plan. Apart from this, we also consulted archaeologists to ensure the accuracy. Of course, this was not a cake walk. But our dedicated team was successful in achieving this.


We started to design the model, only after accumulating the relevant input data like the structure of destroyed walls, staircase, rooms and fire camps. Once the inputs are ready, we started to design the model with LOD5. At the very early stage, it is easier to find out the faults or hitches and then, rectify the same. Once it is rectified, we did not fail to keep a note of such concerns to avoid the same in the coming stages of modelling.

With the details of designs, the structures of interiors were modelled. Since this project asked for LOD5, we have modelled every minute design in the wall and structures including the 3D model of sculptures on walls which made our model unique.

The destroyed house came into its original shape with the help of this model. Along with the 3D representation of the building, the wall designs and sculptures were also added. Creating 3D models before construction reduces the time consumption and wastage, ultimately reducing the cost of construction.

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