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Case Study - High-rise Commercial Building

Updated: Jul 15, 2021

TreisTek has created the exterior 3D model with architectural and structural detailing and area analysis for a 280 feet, 21 stories office building. We have also developed MEP model, coordinated with client’s BIM management team and created parametric families.

Input: 2D Floor Plans and Images

Output: 3D Model

Project Duration: 10 days

Height Classification: High-rise

Category: Commercial

Area: 210,851 Sq. Ft.

Scope of Work: Designing, Exterior 3D Modeling with Architectural and Structural Detailing, 3D Modeling

As Built Model: LOD 350

TreisTek’s Solutions:

  • BIM Coordination (Architectural, Structural, MEP)

  • Model coordination

  • Project Coordination and Standardization

  • Closely working with the client to achieve better results

  • Clash Detection

  • Regular QA and QC


  • Developed exterior 3D models with architectural and structural detailing.

  • Guaranteed on-time delivery by dedicating separate team and resources.

  • Avoid discrepancies in the modeling process by developing smooth workflow and level of details.

  • Provide progress reports as per requirement to ensure the accurate delivery of models in line with the clients’ requirements.

  • Providing separate resources and tools for quality check.

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