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Employees’ Personal Development? Yes, That is Our First and Foremost Priority!

Updated: Oct 4, 2021

High-impact training and development programs don’t just happen. Instead, they’re the result of a careful planning and alignment process. Employee development is a process wherein the knowledge, skill sets, abilities, quality of work, and competency level of employees are enhanced. We provide in-house training and create an environment wherein our employees are motivated to learn and grow. Some of our initiatives include:

Offer Innovative Learning Experiences

Employees are more likely to get excited about personal development opportunities when they are innovative and entertaining. So, we always encourage innovative ideas and out-of-the-box thinking.

Concentrate on employee personal development

TreisTek not only concentrates on its employees’ professional development but also personal development so that they can see the broader benefits beyond the job. We approach it from a whole-life perspective, so our employees bring their positive attitudes home and to their communities around them.

Follow 'One Size Fits One' policy

We have adopted the new way of employees’ personal development i.e., “one size fits one”. We first understand the capabilities, competencies, and behaviors of our employees in association with the organization’s vision under a one-to-one setup. Then we provide an internal platform and external mediums to guide and support so that we can bring the best out of them.

Emphasizes on Informal Training

TreisTek believes that development will not happen in-classroom training. So, we always encourage our employees to come up with solutions to problems or find out a new way to get their work done. This motivates our employees to think differently and nominatively. The relevant ideas are then replicated to other teams.

Culture Of Learning

All development is the result of learning. So, we foster a “Culture Of Learning” to effectively support personal development on a regular basis. When a strong learning culture is embedded in the foundation of an organization, more employees see the importance of continuous learning.

Mentors – Not Managers

Mentoring matches less experienced employees with more experienced colleagues through formal or informal programs. Formal mentoring programs reduce turnover, enhance recruitment, and improve performance and the work environment, especially for women.

TreisTek’s mentoring programs include the following:

  1. Match mentors and mentees based on skills and development needs.

  2. Outline and track goals.

  3. Designate minimum time commitments.

  4. Monitor the mentoring relationship.

  5. Hold both parties accountable.

Growth policy

We believe that an employee can grow only if there is another employee to replace his existing role. So, we always believe in growing together as a team. Every manager is a mentor who facilitates his teammates to develop personally.

TreisTek is unique for its growth policy which emphasizes 4 things –

  1. Smart work with out-of-the-box thinking

  2. Continuous learning

  3. Friendly Environment

  4. Celebrating the success

Provide an opportunity to Employees to express what they want and need

We regularly solicit ideas for personal development. This helps us understand what our people want and gives us some fresh ideas. Since personal development is a part of our company culture, people feel free to talk about their goals and needs with any supervisors, human resources, and the rest of the team to develop solutions, that is relevant and can benefit everyone.

Cross-Departmental Training

We like to think of our business as an ecosystem where equilibrium does not occur naturally.

Cross-training refers to training employees to perform duties other than the normally assigned ones. We provide cross-training in the following ways:

  1. short-term or

  2. ad hoc fix or

  3. an ongoing planned process.

Cross-training helps our employees in future career advancement and broadens their skill sets.

Succession planning

Succession planning identifies long-range needs and cultivates internal talent to meet those needs. Our succession plans focus on a one to three-year process of preparing employees – not preselecting them for new roles in the organization. We believe that succession planning benefits us with fewer resources.


  • IDENTIFY with the mindset of CURIOSITY to spot opportunities.

  • IGNITE ideas with the mindset of CREATIVITY by creating novel solutions.

  • INVESTIGATE with the mindset of CRITICAL thinking, by developing propositions, prototyping, and testing.

  • INVEST with the mindset of COURAGE by creating business models and plans for investment.

  • IMPLEMENT with the mindset of COMMITMENT by bringing an idea to life and creating value.

  • IMPROVE with the mindset of being CLEVER by optimizing an idea into another area of opportunity.


  • Believing that they can make a difference by seeing that their ideas are valued and implemented.

  • Taking greater initiative and action to make things better.

  • Taking responsibility to do the right thing and not always waiting for management's direction.

  • Taking leadership and willingness to help others move in the right direction.

  • Becoming self-correcting by making themselves accountable to the standards they set.

  • Becoming more confident and prouder of the work they do and about the organization they work for.

  • Taking responsibility for developing and maintaining a positive employee culture.

  • Strengthening relationships that are built on trust.

  • Expanding of the social circle within the organization where employees feel like they belong to something bigger.

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