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How do we Stay Productive While Working From Home?

Updated: Jul 15, 2021

Working from home has never reduced the productivity or enthusiasm of TreisTekians. This is how we, at TreisTek meet our deadlines in spite of working from remote locations.

Have a routine

This is our first step to ensure productivity while working from home. Setting up consistent working hours and sticking on to it keeps us accountable to ourselves.

Set up a working space

It is ideal to set up a desk where we can work from. Having a proper workstation helps us work comfortably with 100% concentration and productivity.

Start a day with a huddle

Just the way we spend some time at the start of our day, catching up with colleagues and team-mates, we make some time to drop a message or call our colleagues to see how they are and have a chat about non-work items. This small human contact boosts up the energy to start off the day.

Plan workflow

One surefire way to keep productivity up is to get smart about planning our work day. Before we even start working, we make sure to jot down what our priorities are, how long it will take to finish it up, and what will we work on if we have extra time.


Just as important in the office as it is at home; it’s essential to move around during the day as much as we can. Changing the working position, going for a walk, stretching etc. at work station helps to keep ourselves active throughout the day.

Convert the commute time to break time

Instead of starting the day off by stressing out about getting office on time, we invest that time to either perform a relaxing ritual that gets us a calm and clear state of mind or invest it into winding down our day so that we don't have to burn the midnight oil.

Stay in touch

At TreisTek, we have WhatsApp and loads of other means of being in touch with one another. We make sure that we are in touch with our teammates. Human contacts make a huge difference to maintaining positive mental health and achieve the desired results.

For TreisTekians, working from home offers flexibility, liberty and opportunities to create healthier habits while remaining productive.

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