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How TreisTek can help in Designing Stage of Construction?

Updated: Jul 15, 2021

TreisTek’s BIM model provides a collaborative environment for information and knowledge sharing at the design stage. The information generated and stored in BIM repository at the planning stage directs the activities at designing stage.

Our primary goal at this stage is to ensure that the building delivered is functional, sustainable, liveable, maintainable, operational, safe and secure. The decision made at this stage will be within the constraint of time and cost of resources invested. Information and knowledge sharing are essential to the success of iterative design process.

BIM enhances coordination and collaboration

TreisTek’s BIM models aid unified exchange of information generated at the design stage. It facilitates coordinated and collaborative environment needed to ensure the effective integration within building systems along with the outdoor environment conditions. It features to deliver the required building performance within the limit of acceptability, and ensures the durability, reliability and flexibility of the integrated systems. The information from design reviews and building performance analysis will ensure that a particular performance achieved does not compromise with another performance.

BIM assists to detect clash in the building system

Our BIM models help in the detection of collisions within and among building systems. The early detection of building systems collision status prior to actual construction will save time and cost of delivering the required building performance. It also prevents potential loss of intended building performance.

Constructability assessments and risk aversion

Our 3D, 4D and 5D BIM helps in early assessments of cost, time, and quality implications of proposed design before actual construction takes place. Additionally, with the unified exchange of information and knowledge in a coordinated and collaborative environment, we can make necessary changes to reduce or eliminate risk at this stage.

High level of customization of building systems and construction activities

TreisTek’s 3D, 4D and 5D BIM models assist in quick modification and fabrication of building systems at the design stage to fulfill specific needs of a project. If there is a need to change design or specification to meet the sustainable building performance requirements, our BIM models help in seamless exchange of the change-of-order-request.

Optimization of schedule and cost estimation

Our BIM models provide data needed at the design stage to identify, reduce and eliminate waste in the building delivery workflow. It ensures smooth operations with little or no delay in starting the actual construction. The easy access to the integrated and updated virtual information at this stage will enhance the accuracy of project planning and the costs projections for the project delivery.

BIM has created a solid connection between design and construction that was never felt before. Today, instead of questioning ‘how can we get the architects or engineers or construction managers to collaborate efficiently?’ we are asking ‘how can we use BIM to make the process even faster and more efficient?’

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