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How TreisTek can Support in Various Stages of Construction?

Updated: Jul 15, 2021

In a 3D world, BIM is the glue that holds the various stages of construction process. A BIM model enriched with specific data provides great value throughout the entire building life-cycle. This can provide a great amount of usable information. TreisTek’s BIM models are used at all the stages of a project.

Projects in construction may vary, depending upon the size, the number of stakeholders involved, budget and delivery date. TreisTek’s clients find it simpler to manage these projects successfully because we provide right kind of BIM services at all the stages of construction.

Decision Making

TreisTek builds BIM model as per the characteristics of a project, and the input parameters of the model are consistent with the actual parameters of the project. Once the BIM model is built, the BIM visual features help us to analyze the effect of the project after its completion.

Planning Stage

Our BIM 3D, 4D, 5D and 6D models are stored in BIM knowledge repository. These details can be used at the subsequent building delivery stages. In planning stage, the stored information helps in development of buildings with consideration to their massing, heights, relationship, connectivity and street locations. They provide enough details in the context of socio- economic, environment, energy, security and infrastructure services. They also provide durability for facilities and features, and flexibility for envisaged and un-envisaged future needs.

Design Phase

Our BIM models ensure that the building is functional, sustainable, livable, maintainable, operational, safe and secure, and also, help to consider the constructability, operations and maintainability of the proposed design within the constraint of time and cost of resources invested. BIM provides a collaborative environment for information and knowledge shared at the design stage.

Bidding Phase

Our BIM models allow to store a large amount of project information and makes the calculation and valuation of the project quality more convenient at the bidding stage. The stored information can be used in project construction to avoid leakage of items, repeated calculation and error calculation input.

Construction Stage

During the construction phase, our model is used as a co-ordination tool for construction process automation. This is also used to deliver updates from the project team to the contractor, which includes refinements to the site levels for site drainage and substitutions for plant species.

TreisTek’s BIM models simulate the construction process, construction scheme and construction technology to optimize the management of the project. BIM also has the function of database which helps the project manager in calculating the demand for raw materials as and when it arises.

Completion Stage

Our BIM model has the function of database which allows to extract relevant information directly. This helps to monitor the engineering changes and change in quantity or quality of materials used in the project. BIM helps to complete the project by reducing deviation and improving accuracy, also, provides the reasonable control over the project.

BIM technology is establishing itself in the construction sector because it helps in controlling costs and schedules, minimizing errors and enhancing production quality and efficiency. BIM allows to use virtual models to check if the facility is fit for purpose before the commencement or alteration of a project. Hence, BIM has become ubiquitous within the construction industry.

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