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Our Small but Mighty Team of BIM Experts

Updated: Jul 15, 2021

The architecture, engineering, and construction (AEC) industry is the perfect embodiment of what it means to be big: towering skyscrapers,, massive bridges, expansive tunnels, and innovative and inventive designs. Yet small can also be powerful, especially when it’s rooted in passion and purpose. These are the foundations on which TreisTek was built.

Based in Bangalore, India, TreisTek helps architects, contractors, and subcontractors understand BIM (Building Information Modeling) technology to stay relevant in the industry. Despite having only, a small team, the expert BIM-services firm is making a significant impact by taking on various projects which contributes significantly to the infrastructure of the country.

Small Team, Meaningful Impact

Putting theory into practice, one of TreisTek’s first challenge was to model three bridges simultaneously. At the beginning, we did not have a complete team to execute the project. In addition to this, the complete inputs were not received. We had to face both external and internal challenges. In spite of these hurdles, TreisTek took it up and delivered the project as per the client’s expectations. This was our first victory.

We have always believed that it is better to have a small group who can THINK BIG and work towards the common goal. Here, TreisTek explains how we make a huge impact in spite of having a small team.

Have diverse workforce to enhance innovation

TreisTek found that to support innovation, we need two types of people: those who consistently come in early and get things done, and those who stay late to research and experiment. Innovation will exist only if we hire the right mix of people.

Diverse skill sets help us in solving complex issues. Different problems need different solutions, and we need a variety of ideas and viewpoints to come up with the best result. The drawback, though, is finding a balance among contrasting personalities. But in TreisTek, we understand where everyone’s coming from and what their contributions are, and this tends to work out.

  • Create a company culture and stick to it

When TreisTek hires diverse personalities, they’re united through our company culture. For example, TreisTek holds fun fridays to keep things interesting and develop team skills. When we hire, we look for people who will fit into our culture and add to the positive energy.

  • Seek and win work with purpose

TreisTek ensures that our employees are ultimately fulfilling their purpose of joining us. We plan in such a way that it further reduces rework, as well as provide accurate qualitative results. We always take the projects that are ethical, and it helps our clients in a positive way.

  • Effective communication

Seamless communication is our key to achieve successful team management. It helps us to understand the goals and work together as a team to achieve the common goal. We ensure that our people are comfortable enough to share their opinions and are open to exchange the ideas.

  • Supporting creativity

New ideas and creative ways to solve a problem are always welcomed in TreisTek. We want our team to feel encouraged and come forward with new ways of solving issues and out-of-the-box solutions.

Psychological safety by nurturing team career growth for the larger good

There’s a growing skills gap in the AEC industry, which is suffering a skilled-labor and engineering shortage. TreisTek hopes to help fill those gaps in technical expertise. At TreisTek, we are integrators bringing design and construction together using proven technology.

And, by training and re-skilling people, as well as teaching them various tools and software, TreisTek helps fill the roles needed to meet the demands of the industry, as well as ensuring people aren’t left behind as technology accelerates.

For instance, if one of our employees who is hired to work on a particular software, asks for an opportunity to work in other software, we do let him explore. The reason is to give inexperienced grads a chance, an opportunity and an experience to grow up in their career.

By combining these expertise with technology, passion, and purpose, TreisTek demonstrates that small can indeed be powerful.

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