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Cadastral Mapping

A cadastral map is a map that determines land ownership. The land registered cadastral map is further specified by the Act as a map showing all registered geospatial data relating to registered plots. The cadastral map consists of cadastral units, each of which represents a single registered plot of land.

Cadastral Mapping

TreisTek offers cadastral mapping for the creation of cadastral maps from hard copies of the authoritative maps with specific details of each plot, roads, railway lines, water bodies, vegetation, etc. These cadastral mapping services provide all-inclusive solutions to land data system problems by directing on various forms of land records.


We have the wide knowledge of undertaking large-scale cadastral mapping projects which include steps such as:

  • Scanning of hard copy maps

  • Digitization of the maps using proper layer structure

  • Geo-referencing the individual maps

  • Merging the individual cadastral maps to a single map pertaining to a specific area

The main purposes of Cadastral Mapping

  • Provides a cartographic record of official and sometimes private land surveys and subdivisions.

  • Facilitates the administration and transfer of land ownership.

  • Records land ownership.

  • Assists in the valuation and taxation of land.

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