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Smart 3D City Modeling

We combine engineering data, survey data, point clouds and digital imagery to create and update highly detailed 3D city information and CityGML models.

3D City Modeling

TreisTek represents 3D City Models in 2 kinds:


  • Photo realistic representation

  • Photo-realistic 3D City Model is a computerized model of a city. We use these models to give the user a picture of the world as it appears. In a photorealistic environment, the user may take a virtual city tour to find out where to find attractions.


  • Symbolic representation
    In symbolic 3D City Model, we symbolize groups of features by colors or patterns and are stored in GIS database. In regular 2D GIS systems, symbolic data is often mapped onto the 2D layers showing land use, traffic or population. To create the third dimension, we add the object elevation as an attribute to each 2D form (building footprint or other multi-cornered object). 


A virtual environment is the interface where our clients can navigate in a three-dimensional world containing the 3D City Model.

Level of Detailing (LOD):

TreisTek is capable of delivering 3D City Model in multiple LODs.


LOD 200


LOD 300


LOD 400

Uses of 3D City Models

  • Master Planning Applications

  • Navigational Applications

  • Utility Design Applications

  • Archaeological applications

  • Decision support system applications

  • Property management applications

  • Entertainment applications

  • Spatial Data Infrastructures (SDIs)

  • Emergency Management

  • Augmented Reality

  • Intelligent Transportation Systems

  • City Information Systems

Smart City Modeling (CityGML)

3D city models are used in a wide range of areas. In the navigation, they help to improve the recognition of the current position. In the map, they are indispensable in order to present the future appearance, for example, calculating gaps. TreisTek provides digital and physical 3D city models, especially for your application based on your required area and level of detail of the model.


We have already completed more than 5000 km² 3D city models in the LOD2 and LOD3 with measured wall and roof colours for over 20 cities globally. Our 3D models are used for traditional applications such as urban planning, environmental modelling, navigation and location-based services.

Smart City Modeling

Current  Project

TreisTek is working on a prestigious 3D city modelling project which is one of the largest and most extensive projects of its kind ever engaged.  


TreisTek is an early mover in adopting and comprehending the technologies required to address this emerging trend of using 3D city models.


This is an ambitious project designed to fulfill the challenges of advanced analysis and simulation for town planning, infrastructure development, environmental management and emergency response.


The project requires the creation of a 3D model of various areas covering nearly 8500 sq km, with thousands of buildings. Exterior surfaces of buildings will be rendered in a photo-realistic manner. TreisTek will use various software to perform multiple tasks.


The customer is beginning on this ambitious and technologically challenging project as the foundation for developing an intelligent 3D model of the country to support its growth as envisioned in its master plan and provide the data necessary to enable the infrastructure, environmental, security and other agencies of the Government to fulfill their missions in a better way.

Smart City Models - Key Features​​​
3D Cilty Modeling
  • Delivered 3D formats : 3DS, GML, OSGB, OBJ, City GML, etc.

  • Structuring of 3D models: one "ID" par building or group of buildings with associated placement files.

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