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GIS Services

We have expertise in Creating, Updating and Maintaining GIS Mapping & Conversion, Land base Data Mapping, Digital Image Processing, and Location-based Solutions. TreisTek has skilled process engineering teams & consultants, who can provide the most secured, best-in-class quality, accurate results and scalable services with quick turnaround to our clients globally.

Cadastral Mapping

Scanning of hard copy maps, geo-referencing the individual maps, digitization of the maps using proper layer structure

Topographical Mapping

Disaster management, engineering and architectural purposes, route planning, telecom and transport services

Orthophoto Services

Aerial imageries, satellite imageries, UAV imageries, vexcel imageries, thermal imageries and 1Band/3Band/4Band


A wide variety of photogrammetric services such as aerial photogrammetry and digital photogrammetric services

LiDAR Data Processing

Data acquisition, point cloud classification, DTM, DEM and DSM generation, contour generation, ortho generation,

UAV Image Processing

Asset & plant inspections, engineering & construction, mining & resources, thermographic imaging, surveying services

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