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Training course

Project Based Training  and resource deployment

TreisTek India Pvt. Ltd. provides real-time, and placement focused project based Architectural, Civil and Mechanical training in Bangalore. Our experience certification courses are designed to bridge the gap between academics and industry. The training program aims to equip your skills and improve your chances for a successful career using the advanced tool. Our trainers are certified experts and experienced working professionals with hands on real time multiple projects knowledge.

Staff Augmentation

Staff Augmentation is the right solution if you are looking to overcome talent shortage, scale business efficiently and to drive revenue growth. We help our clients in adopting a “Business Anywhere” framework by using the latest technologies.

How Staff Augmentation can Helps you

  • No Infrastructure Investment

  • Reduce Time on Hiring Process

  • Trained BIM Resources

  • Flexible Business Model

  • Cost Efficiency

How Staff Augmentation can Helps you

  • We provide dedicated resources or team as per the client’s  requirement.

  • We provide our in-house team with skilled technical resources, either for a short-term or on a long-term basis, who will be working only with the respective client.

  • Along with resources, we will also provide all the necessary hardware and software support required to execute the project.

Off-Site Resource Deployment

  • We deploy our recourses to the client’s place. All the resources are trained to our organization standards before deployment.

  • Whenever and wherever required, TreisTek can bring in an expert in BIM to be onsite on your project.

  • BIM-enabled professionals are in minority in a work force and hence we can supply the much needed expert on site at the right time.

Benefits of Project Based Training :

These are 100% job oriented courses to join the industry as an experienced certified professional to handle any project from day one. Moreover, students get exposed to particular details that the textual learning pattern would not have provided.

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