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Engineering Services

TreisTek has played a key role in supplying engineering and architectural firms with superior imagery and highly accurate services. The prime contractors use our services to develop facilities, manage infrastructure, landfills, water and wastewater systems, roadways, airports, railroads, pipelines and utility lines.


Architectural BIM Services

Our knowledge and expertise of architectural modelling linked with our widely experienced team ensure deliverable are of highest possible accuracy and are competitively valued. 


Structural BIM Services

Accurately designing and detailing structural elements are very important throughout the design and construction process, while communicating with other trades. 


Mechanical, Electrical, Plumbing,  Fire protection (MEPF)

TreisTek provides complete mechanical, electrical, and plumbing design services, such as evaluations, testing and balancing, control system review etc.


Other BIM Services

TreisTek provides other BIM services like 4D and 5D simulations, BOQ and Quantity Take offs services, Energy and 
Lighting Analysis etc.

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