Structural bim Services

Accurately designing and detailing structural elements are very important throughout the design and construction process, while communicating with other trades. TreisTek provides definitive structural BIM services that will facilitate all-inclusive design analysis and review thus augments flexibility in engineering management.

Our structural engineers and consultants are skilled in detailed analysis and execution of structural design; rebar detailing, stress resolution, and steel detailing projects. We pay detailed attention to structural elements like columns, beams, and floors. Such detailed analysis and deft project execution allow us to deliver a risk-free environment.

We are capable of creating an accurate structural model with correct information and so the engineers get a clear idea of all aspects like building geometry, geographic information, building properties, building materials, and resources required for the project.



The structural BIM modeling services provided by TreisTek include:

  • Structural design and detailing

  • Developing an accurate 3D BIM model for the complete structure

  • Structural analysis

  • Slab and column design

  • Load calculation

  • 3D Modeling and Cost estimates for construction

  • Design structural steel

  • Steel structure detailing

  • Extraction of structural components

  • High-quality construction documents

  • Clash detection and risk mitigation

  • Creation of intelligent parametric libraries

  • Accurate quantity take offs


Quantity Take offs

Our team of skilled and experienced engineers and estimators excel in creating Quantity Takeoffs in coordination with a Revit BIM Model. These intelligent 5D BIM models enhance the collaboration between the project teams and stakeholders in order to establish robust cost estimation for the construction process. We collaborate with architects, engineers, large construction companies, and contractors to help them win projects and tenders by evaluating quantities and estimating costs through 5D BIM Services. This enables them to exhibit a list of material quantities besides a virtual model and observe the effects on building costs.

Shop Drawings

Structural shop drawings are diagrams, schedules, or other structural documents that are generated by steel detailers and structural engineers to aid the fabrication process. We have an experienced team of structural steel detailing professionals who are skilled in creating GA drawings (erection drawings), assembly drawings, sections & details, single part/component drawings, structural 3D models, and advanced bill of materials (assembly list, part list, bolt list, etc.)


Benefits of Structural BIM Services

  • Better client communications

  • Faster client approvals

  • Improved coordination among team

  • Easy design modifications

  • Reduced number of errors

  • Reduced time on creating a drawing and future revisions

  • Improved performance analysis and evaluation

  • Improved construction efficiency

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We provide a full range of innovative and cost-efficient structural engineering services for all types of architectural projects ‘big or small’, efficiently. We have the latest and up-to-date architectural design software including AutoCAD and Revit structures. We continuously update our software library and assess new software as it becomes available.