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Lidar Data Processing

TreisTek provides LiDAR Data Processing Services for various industries. LIDAR (Light Detection And Ranging), a new technology in the field of topographical data collection with high speed, high density and accurate data. LIDAR scanning can occur day or night, as long as clear flying conditions are present, also have the capability to capture intensity reflectance data in addition to the x-y-z coordinates.

Aerial LiDAR

Our Aerial LiDAR System provides advanced mapping capabilities to acquire massive amounts of geospatial data on a large scale in form of 3D point clouds and aerial imagery for the creation of Digital Terrain Models (DTM), ortho imagery, base maps, and other LiDAR-derived products.

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Mobile LiDAR

We at TreisTek have been one of the early adopters of mobile LiDAR in the country and own and operate the highest grade of mobile LiDAR scanners to conduct topographical surveys. Our team of data experts helps with providing our clients with valuable project reports and feasibility study reports by creating topographic maps, contours, and cross-sections of the data collected. Backed by a stringent QC process, every project delivered by TreisTek is ensured of stringent adherence to quality guidelines, leading to faster and accurate output.

Our Mobile Mapping solution focuses on feature extraction and includes the entire built environment and external assets from a range of feature classes like transport & traffic signage, street furniture, utility assets, vegetation, and physical infrastructure.


TreisTek’s UAV LiDAR can survey large and inaccessible areas creating a 3D environment precisely and collating data as a georeferenced point cloud. Our expert team collates the extensive data collection and draws valuable insights to help clients with practical solutions. The combination of state-of-the-art UAV & LiDAR technologies helps in overcoming inefficiencies and human errors thereby enabling effective planning, management, and implementation of solutions.


Terrestrial LiDAR

At TreisTek, Terrestrial LiDAR scanned data is collated and represented as cloud points, and laser images are analyzed to help our clients enhance their work with efficient decision making. Indoor Mapping, Infrastructure Information and Civil Engineering assist in mapping and visualizing data in a 3-D model. The repository of detail-intensive data captured on topography is documented after multiple rounds of strict review by our team.

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Data Acquisition

Data acquisition is the process of sampling signals that measure real world physical conditions and converting the resulting samples into digital numeric values.

​Data acquisition will be done by airborne, terrestrial LiDAR and mobile LiDAR.​​

Point Cloud Classification

TreisTek provides LiDAR point cloud classification services which are an important step in the extraction of information of further classes like buildings, vegetation, vehicles and water.

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DTM, DEM and DSM Generation

TreisTek is capable of producing a wide array of high-resolution digital terrain models. Our strong technical team is able to produce accurate model with cost-effective methods.

Contour and Ortho Generation

TreisTek provides contour generation services from customer-supplied or newly extracted DEM data. We carry out precise contour generation to the extreme satisfaction of our clients with high pixel resolutions. Contour analysis illustrates the weather and oceanic conditions which showcase the actual environmental situation. This analysis is used by ecologists and the weather forecast department to forecast futuristic weather.

An orthophoto is a uniform-scale photograph and geometrically corrected accurate map. It is possible to measure directly on it like other maps because it is a uniform scale map. 

2D/3D Feature Extraction

We, at TreisTek are dedicated to provide efficient feature extraction for 2D/3D objects in any GIS or CAD format and at a competitive cost.

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Underground Surveys using Ground Penetrating Radar

TreisTek uses Ground Penetrating Radar technology to detect all types of underground utilities. We are capable of handling projects of different volumes and dimensions. Our well-equipped software maximizes ground penetration for capturing accurate details of all buried objects.

Power Line Mapping

We, at TreisTek are dedicated to provide efficient power line mapping services in any GIS or CAD format and at a competitive cost. We have experience in delivering highly accurate and reliable power line corridor mapping in complex terrains.​

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Mines, airports, industrial buildings, forests, defense establishments need precise geo-referencing using GPS surveys. TreisTek precisely demarcates boundary points and finalize geo-referenced maps in GIS format, hence avoiding boundary violations.

Our Geo-referencing Services include:

  • Vector Data Geo-referencing

  • Raster Image Geo-referencing

Other LiDAR Data Processing Services include:

  • LiDAR Data Processing of Electrical Utilities, Forestry Area, Agricultural Features, and Oil and Gas networks

  • Data cleansing and noise removal

  • Generation f DTM and contours

  • Vectorization and feature extraction

  • Image overlay and point cloud colorization

  • Bare earth and non-ground LiDAR classification

  • LiDAR data/point cloud classification

TreisTek’s LiDAR data processing services enable the data capture on-field by lighting the target using a pulsed laser. Our LiDAR data processing, LiDAR classification, and elevation data are used by several industries in planning and making informed decisions.

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