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Marine and Offshore

Our designing team has experience in modelling ship design & providing modelling services for companies across the globe. The team has significant working experience on different software tools and platforms with software capabilities including CAD software, design automation and animation.

Services we Offer for Marine & Offshore Industry

Vessel and Rig Design: TreisTek provides the basic and detailed design for vessels, outriggers, and offshore platforms. This includes creating line plans, structural design, classification drawings, and engine room layouts.


Offshore and Maritime Equipment Design: We provide the basic design for offshore and maritime materials. We have the in-house team to create designs particularly suited to the production demands of the client. 


Detailed Design and Drawings: Modelling of machinery, equipment and fittings, equipment foundation and outfitting structural drawings, pipe model, spools’ sketch and arrangement drawings, pipe supports, ventilation duct model, and arrangement drawings.

Electrical Detailed Design and Drawings: Cable schedules, cable trays, penetration design.


3D Vessel Design
3D Offshore Design
Marine & Offshore
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