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Industrial Plant Design

TreisTek provides multi-disciplined plant engineering services including Pre-bid Engineering, Extended Basic Engineering Support, Plant Digitization, Detailed Engineering and Design. We also manage plant design data and deliverables like isometrics, orthographics, piping and instrumentation diagrams, and P&ID with 3D intelligent models. 

Plant Engineering Services

TreisTek provides multi-disciplined engineering and project management services including conceptual engineering, front-end engineering, detailed engineering and design, project management controls and estimating, with construction, turnaround, and support services as needed.

We utilise the latest 3D modelling software for each phase of project design development, from conceptual to definitive design, right through to the production of documentation for construction. We’ll customize our delivery to suit your project development strategy - we are accustomed to roles in a wide range of contractual relationships including due diligence, design consultancy, independent inspection, EPCM, EPC and strategic alliances. 

From conducting feasibility studies, FEED / Basic & Detail engineering during the engineering phase, to providing field engineering services during construction & commissioning, our plant design & process engineering services span across the entire life cycle of projects. 


List of Services we offer

  • Conceptual and techno-economic feasibility studies

  • FEED & basic engineering

  • Pre-bid / proposal engineering

  • Preparation of process packages

  • Technology and process licensor selection

  • Detailed design & engineering

  • De-bottlenecking studies and troubleshooting

  • Laser scanning and 3D modelling

  • As-built documentation

  • Decommissioning studies

Oil and Gas Plant Design

Process Engineering

We have expertise in handling Preliminary and Detailed Design Work including Basic Engineering Design, Process Simulation using Engineering Analysis, Development of Plant Operations and Maintenance Manual, Process Flow Diagrams, SIP Design, 2D Drafting for Development of Process Flow Diagrams (PFDs), CAD Conversion from 2D Sketches, PDFs & Drawings to 3D CAD models, and P&IDs. We also work on Process Optimization by removing bottlenecks, reducing of defects, improving in speed, and enhancing the quality of products.


Piping Engineering

TreisTek provides complete Piping Engineering Services from Piping Design, Piping Layout, Pipe Routing, Piping Thickness Calculation, Piping GA & Isometric Drawings for complex systems, Pipe Spools Fabrication Drawings,  Piping and Instrumentation Diagrams (P&IDs), Point Cloud to CAD Conversion for Intelligent P&ID Development, Detailed 3D CAD Modeling for Piping Arrangements, Pipe Stress and Flexibility Analysis using Finite Element Analysis (FEA), Development of Construction Documentation for Piping Systems, and Structural Design. Pipe Connection Compatibility checks are performed automatically to prevent errors in construction.

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Electrical and Instrumentation Engineering

TreisTek offers a wide variety of electrical and instrumentation engineering and design services to various types of industrial plants or building structures like air handlers, water pumps, air conditioners, communication networks, lighting, office equipment, and more.

Our Electrical and Instrumentation Engineering services include:

  • Load List and Single Line Diagrams

  • Loop and Hook-up Drawings

  • Electrical Layouts

  • Installation Drawings and Layouts

  • 3D Modeling of Cable Tray

  • Lighting Design Calculation


3D Plant Design Services

Mechanical Engineering

Our mechanical engineering solutions include Product Designs, Industrial Design, Mechanical Engineering Designs, Detailed Design Development, 2D Detailed Manufacturing Drawings, Fabrication Drawings, Assembly Drawings for Equipment, Valve Data Sheet Preparation, Engineering Analysis for Structural, Thermal and Fluid Flow Studies using FEA and CFD, Mechanical Calculations as per ASME Section, Static Equipment Analysis, Technical Specifications and Bid Evaluation.

Under Detailed Design Development, we cover Tanks and Fittings like Pressure Vessels, Storage Tanks and Safety Valves, Fluid Handling and Pumping Equipment like heat exchanges, separators, pumps and turbines, Material Handling Equipment like cranes, hoist and receivers, and Power Generation Equipment like boilers, furnace and burners.

Structural and Civil Engineering

Our team of well-experienced professionals covers Development of Foundation Details and Location Drawings, Steel Structural Arrangement Drawings and Fabrication Drawings with BOMs, Detailed 3D Modeling and Animation for Plant Structure Design, Foundation Design, Detailing of Steel Structures, RCC and Steel Analysis & Design, Connection Design, Structural Fabrication Drawings and BOQ, Foundation Design, General Layout Drawings, and Finite Element based Structural Analysis and Seismic Analysis to evaluate Structural Integrity.


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