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3D City Modeling

Updated: Jul 15, 2021

3D city model is the hot topic discussed all over. With the growing demand, TreisTek has stepped into it as one of the pioneers.

TreisTek represents 3D city models in 2 kinds:

  • Photo realistic representation and

  • Symbolic representation.


Photo-realistic 3D city model is a computerized model of a city. We use these models to give the user a picture of the city as it appears. In a photo-realistic environment, the user may take a virtual city tour to find out where to find attractions.


In symbolic 3D city model, we symbolize groups of features by colors or patterns and are stored in GIS database. In regular 2D GIS systems, symbolic data is often mapped onto the 2D layers showing land use, traffic or population. To create the third dimension, we add the object elevation as an attribute to each 2D form (building footprint or other multi-cornered object).


A virtual environment is the interface where our clients can navigate in a three-dimensional world containing the 3D city model.


  • Master planning applications: Our 3D city models help in planning from conceptual development stage to the completion and long-term environmental impact assessment stage and provides better visualization capabilities which reduces monitoring loss.

  • Navigational applications: Our 3D building models and terrains will give a realistic display of the area for people navigating and crossing through the area.

  • Utility design applications: We are into 3D city models which play a key role in designing sewerage channels, railway line routing, highway routing, power transmission lines routing and other geo designs.

  • Archaeological applications: We can model historical buildings and cultural heritages to a highest level of detail (LoD5) in 3D city models so that its intricacies will be preserved and will help to maintain and repair.

  • Decision support system applications: Our 3D city models can be aptly used by planners and managers to take informative decisions using interactive models.

  • Property management applications: TreisTek helps effectively in property management and dispute settling through its 3D city models.

  • Entertainment applications: Our 3D city models are back ground and gives virtual reality for gaming, film and vfx industry.

  • Spatial Data Infrastructures (SDIs): TreisTek’s 3D city models extend spatial data infrastructures and support the management, storage, and usage of 3D models within SDIs.

  • Emergency Management: For emergencies like risk and disaster management systems, our 3D city models provide the computational framework. They serve to simulate fire, flooding and explosions.

  • Augmented Reality: Our 3D city models can be used as reference frame for augmented reality applications.

  • Intelligent Transportation Systems: We use 3D city models in intelligent transportation systems.

  • City Information Systems: Our 3D city models represent the framework for interactive 3D city information systems and 3D city maps. Municipalities apply our 3D city models as centralized information platform for location marketing.


One of the major challenges in automatic acquisition of 3D city models is its visualization and semantic rendering. Visualization is a challenge because component of a 3D city model will be mostly from different data sources such as geo data, GIS data, BIM, CAD etc.

So, we have a common frame work schema based on the requirement of the model that need to be established beforehand through a relational data base and hence our 3D city model rendering is fast, scalable and cost effective.

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