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TreisTek India Pvt. Ltd


An End to End Solution for all your Engineering and GIS Services

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Company Overview

TreisTek India Pvt. Ltd. specializes in the provision of services to the land development and administration sector, the building and construction sector and providers for the building information management sector.

To service each of these distinct areas of the economy, we have developed specialized business units, with growing expertise in each of these areas and staffed them with proficient, trained and experienced people.


We have the expertise to convert hand-drawn sketches and fully detailed drawings into complete 2-Dimensional drawings.


We have the expert team of engineers that can efficiently handle design and drafting projects in compliance with client's requirements.


We are committed to finding the best solutions for the client's requirements while anticipating future needs, in a world of a rapidly expanding range of geo-spatial tool.










Building information modeling services

TreisTek has played a key role in supplying engineering and architectural firms with superior imagery and highly accurate mapping products.

3D Plant and Marine modelling services

TreisTek’s has expertise on 3d Intelligent plant modelling, various on-shore and off-shore modelling, also in marine design services.

Project Based Training and resource deployment

Our project-based training can help you maximize your knowledge and get the experience certificate upon completion of the project.

Lighting Design Engineering and Consulting Services

TreisTek is associated with Avanti (Private) Limited. Avanti has the expertise and knowledge as Lighting Designers and Lighting Products 

Surveying and
3d Laser scanning

TreisTek provides a precision 3D Laser Scanning Reverse Engineering Services based on the latest technology.

3danimation and walkthrough services

TreisTek has expertise on 3D walkthrough animation and rendering services.

Smart City Modeling
And citygml coding

TreisTek is working on a prestigious 3D City Modelling, which is one of the largest and most extensive projects of its kind ever engaged. 

GIS Lidar Services


TreisTek’s suite of services focuses on all phases of GIS, which includes: GIS Design, GIS Data Creation, GIS Implementation.

3d product design and rendering services

TreisTek has expertise on various product 3D  design and rendering services.

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