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Man Preparing to Fly a Drone

UAV Image Processing

TreisTek does automated post-processing of the UAV flight data for DTM and true orthophoto production. Automatic triangulation based on several point detection and matching techniques with automated blunder detection, bundle block adjustment is achieved.

UAV Image Processing

With a mini-UAV (Unmanned Airborne Vehicle) a trace or fully opaque area can be overflown and photographed. The digital images have a ground resolution between 3 and 30 cm, depending on the altitude. The position and orientation of each photo are recorded.


  • Ortho Mosaic: a coverage area in map projection

  • DEM (Digital Elevation Model): a 3D display of terrain elevation

  • Both products can be combined to form a photo-realistic 3D display of the recorded area

Asset & Plant Inspections

TreisTek's unique UAV data processing services are designed for inspecting hazardous and difficult to access assets and structures.


  • Cooling towers

  • Bridges (from above and below)

  • Utilities / powerlines

  • Chemical plants and refineries

  • Industrial roof inspections

  • Offshore activities (oil & gas platforms and pipelines)

  • Mining infrastructure

  • Wind turbines

  • Weather & communication towers

  • Remote sensing (gas, lasers, magnetometers)

Engineering & Construction

The benefit of using UAVs for power line inspection work is that they're able to fly into the middle of fields to inspect pylons which are several hundred metres high - where accessibility for cranes is just not possible. Similarly, some of the assets we inspect are in highly forested locations that are too dangerous for full-size helicopters to approach.

Mining & Resources

We deliver a diverse range of services to many resources companies. Our solutions are seen as an ideal tool for mine surveying because we operate from the perimeter of busy, working pits.


Our services include:


  • Stockpile calculations

  • Open cut pit volumes

  • Pit wall inspections

  • Photogrammetric Applications

  • Point cloud generation

  • Geo-referenced ortho-mosaics

  • Thermographic surveys

  • Multispectral imagery

  • Environmental monitoring

  • Heritage area reporting

Thermographic Imaging

Thermographic imagery processing services are offered to our mining, emergency services and utility clients.

We can identify forest and mine fires which are not visible to naked eye using thermal imagery processing obtained from UAV. Thermal images also generate DTM.

Surveying Services

  • Geo-referenced ortho-mosaics

  • Multispectral photogrammetric applications

  • Thermographic surveys

  • Multispectral imagery

  • Point cloud generation

  • Volumetric calculations

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