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3D Architectural and Civil Modeling for Entertainment Industries

Updated: Jul 15, 2021

3D models are very much necessary in entertainment industry. Various tools are at the artists’ disposal to project their glance of how the background of the game or film should look like. Most of the recent games and films are 3D, and it also allows to integrate other platforms. 3D modeling is generally dictated by the level of detail.

TreisTek’s 3D models help to create realistic multi-dimensional world and characters for video games and films, and also, make it easier for designers to generate images, sets, or characters that are necessary for the particular game. When we create the 3D models, we ensure to achieve the right balance of production speed, and quality of image. Our 3D models are used in the background and fly-throughs in the games and films.

We use 3D scanning wherein we take an exact scan of an object or person and then manipulate it with computer 3D design software to produce assets that can either be animated or rendered to produce stunning effects.

TreisTek’s 3D models contribute entertainment sector in the following ways –

Build Locations

The games and films today need fascinating locations to stand out. A well-developed world instead of a low quality landscapes are preferred as they can make a game or film come to life.

Measure Objects

TreisTek’s 3D models eliminate the challenge of measuring objects while working between several modeling software. They also play a vital role in transforming photos and real-life measurements into 3D models with accurate size.


Texturing is a process that is done after we create the initial 3D model. Various types of texture we use are diffuse maps, specular maps, normal maps, and alpha maps. These are the layers of detail we add to modeled object, landscape and characters.

3D models of existing objects

We use 3D models of existing objects from real-life to a lot of games and films. We utilize 3D models that are created from photos and accurate measurements if the game or film is located in a real place or uses existing things. Our 3D modeling tools help in creating the digital rendering from the pictures of large buildings taken through drones.

3D rendering

Since games cannot be predicted and entirely depends on the actions of the gamer, we use real-time rendering, where images render at a fast pace to keep up with the game as it unfolds. To fasten the process, we also use scan line method which renders polygon by polygon instead of pixel by pixel.

Set and Location LiDAR Scanning

TreisTek can quickly and accurately create an exact digital copy of a structure or set piece by using specialized, portable and large scale scanning technology.

Prop and Maquette Scanning

TreisTek can scan ships, aircraft, automobiles and a host of everyday objects and props. We have expertise in utilizing the perfect scanning solution for an object’s physical characteristics and material properties to deliver the models on budget and on time.

Digital Sculpting

With our digital sculpting service, we can provide the ability to create, document, modify and prototype any 3D model.

Benefits of our mesh and wire frame 3D models include greater flexibility and the ability to alter perspective or animate images with quicker rendering of the changes, as well as smoother ease of rendering and achieving more accurate photo realism.

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