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Benefits of 3D Models in Oil Refinery Plants

Updated: Jul 15, 2021

Today, the fundamental deficiency in the oil plant management is mainly caused by insufficient flow of intelligence in the form of data, drawings, or documents entered during activities of the plant’s objects. The manual and semi-automated procedures used to overcome these challenges are usually not economical. Hence, intelligent 3D plant models and piping systems came into picture.

There are many ways an oil plant can benefit from using TreisTek’s 3D models. Apart from helping designing contractor to conduct a timely review session and ensure that project specifications are met, below are other benefits -


TreisTek converts laser scans into intelligent 3D models that help to integrate the built oil plant environment with the modern digital enterprise. These models are utilized by petrochemical plants for their piping and vessels inspection programs. They also help to improve the consistency and accuracy of the documentation, place and measure the pipe thickness and monitor locations.

Color Coding

Our 3D models of the plant enable the color coding of pipes to reflect the areas of high, low, and medium acceleration of corrosion susceptibility. This allows the plant personnel to quickly learn the system and enables to include data in the form of text.

Increased Productivity and Collaboration

TreisTek’s 3D plant models and pipe designs increase efficiency of tightly integrated set of tools that design intelligent pipes, raceways, and equipment. These further save time and money and also, increase the collaboration across the project designing team. A lot of time is saved by the use of a single, streamlined application with comprehensive functionality including building models and the creation of accurate isometrics.

Reduced Cost of Projects

The total cost of projects is reduced by integration of the plants functions, collaboration of management data applications and a common plant project database. Further, we reduce the cost by using a scalable software that is designed to grow as the plant grows and can also stand alone or used on large projects.

Lowered Risk and Enhanced Accuracy

TreisTek’s 3D models execute design reviews, resolve clashes, and optimize layouts within the plant’s context using a navigator. Our models use ‘automatic clash detection’ across the 3D piping system, the structure, the equipment and the electrical connections which allows us to resolve clashes as and when detected. This lowers the risk and increases the accuracy.

The use of 3D models in oil plants has rapidly demonstrated an array of benefits that has resulted in greater efficiency, improved safety, greater accuracy, improved cost saving, higher quality and a possible reduction in the cost of projects.

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