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BIM in Residential Designs

Updated: Oct 4, 2021

Building Information Modeling (BIM) is widely used to design buildings of all types and sizes. However, today BIM is used in residential projects, which brings in a significant change in the construction industry.

We at TreisTek have expertise in handling BIM projects for huge residential societies, residential complexes, housing schemes, sprawling private properties, and palatial bungalows thus helping home builders in their construction process and planning.

Our multidimensional BIM capabilities for residential buildings include effective construction scheduling, facilities and asset management, reduced cost to clients, faster project delivery, sustainability optimization, and energy efficiency.

The advantageous factors of BIM for residential design include:

  • Better project planning and ensured accuracy

  • Enhanced operations, maintenance, and facility management

  • Increased productivity with structured information

  • Cost estimates for early project certainty

  • Capability to analyze and simulate energy, quantity, and cost

  • Improved collective understanding of design intent

Construction Drawings for Residential Properties

We understand the requirements of our client and design accordingly. We provide complete production drawing sets by covering all the key features like foundation drawings, elevation plans, sectional drawings, structural framing, roofing, detailed floor plans, and so on. These detailed BIM construction drawings enable our clients to handle construction and planning in a more efficient and effective way.

BIM energy modeling

Increasing energy prices, unpredictable climate change, and occupant health consciousness are matters of high concern around the globe today. With the help of our BIM services, we are able to reduce energy waste and carbon emissions in residential building projects. Also, the pipes in the building are included in prefabricated floor panels using the MEP suite.

Interactive Site and Floor Plans

Our detailed construction site analysis and plotting help builders get an insight into the number of buildings that can be included and other factors such as time, costs, and profitability. We can further extend detailed 3D floor plans for each building within the plot. We also introduce animations, interactivity, and 3D walk-through on demand.

BIM Modeling with Advanced Tools and Technologies

We use our BIM services for creating highly defined 3D BIM models. Our database-driven design allows higher accuracy and greater hold over BIM construction project management through several stages of 3D modeling, floor plan designing, and construction scheduling.

We use the best tools for interference analysis and hence resolve clashes effectively. These tools and software are also pivotal in allowing accurate measurement, material, and quantity take-offs.

At TreisTek, we consider client's interests as our top priority and dedicate efforts towards delighting them. Our construction drawings are completely customized according to individual requirements. We also make sure that the BIM construction plans fit into the sustainability plans for a residential building and also allow maximum energy efficiency.

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