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BIM to Address MEP Challenges

Updated: Jul 15, 2021

The biggest responsibility of architects and structural engineers today is to bring life to a complex building structure by designing and integrating MEP systems. We, at TreisTek use our BIM tools to collaborate and coordinate the design and accommodate MEP layout in an integrated platform. Some of the MEP challenges addressed through BIM include the following.

Designs may not comply with MEP layout

While erecting a facility, the final designs may or may not comply with MEP layout as planned. While sorting such inconsistencies, contractors use our BIM services to solve and mitigate the effect of clashes and integrate MEP designs well in advance.

Proper coordination and setting of MEP components

The duct work designs, fabrication and laying across the facility changes along with the changing MEP components and layout needs. Each one of these brings in a different design and the contractors are expected to understand this to come up with the most efficient solution. With the help of our BIM services, MEP engineers put collective efforts to ensure a coordinated system and proper setting of MEP components as per facility operations.

Develop a low energy consumption MEP layout

Yet another burning issue of MEP fraternity is to develop a low energy consumption MEP layout. Sustainability issues are more focused on by the construction authorities. Through our BIM’s energy modeling solutions, we achieve reduction in energy consumption.

BIM is efficient for clash-free design and installation of MEP systems in a complex facility. Using our BIM services, it is possible to develop impressive designs with relatively lower budget. Utilizing tools for clash detection and energy consumption further helps in keeping the energy efficient and cost-effective design throughout the building life cycle.

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