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Heritage Building Modelling – LOD 450

Updated: Jul 15, 2021

Project Overview

BIM has a wealth of potential applications in the heritage and historic buildings sector. As Historic BIM is a relatively new field, the heritage industry is taking it at a slow pace. In the current project, TreisTek had to develop the interiors and exteriors of a heritage building. We fetched a few 3D designs and the collaborative point cloud to start off the modelling.

Challenges Faced

While modelling a heritage building, modeler is bound to face various challenges. The major challenge that we faced in this project is that the interior point cloud data was not available. Hence, it did not have elevations. The images of this building were not available at the beginning. This acted as a barrier for architectural designing.


TreisTek could overcome these challenges by fetching the images of the building. This helped in designing architectural designs. In addition to this, we kept the communication channel open with our client to get the right inputs and provide the best quality of service. The northern and eastern part of the building had white bricks in the wall, and this acted as an add-on in obtaining clearer point cloud data.


This project asked for LOD 450. Windows and columns in the buildings were all varied and extremely lavish. We started the modelling with point cloud conversion and creation of template which included the project details like families for window, skylights, door, column and architectural designs. Point clouds were incorporated into the model to ensure the utmost accuracy. Then we added the materials and color to the building.

With the help of above mentioned process, the four sides elevation was done, and the roof was modeled. Point cloud data, white bricks on two sides and the continuous support from the client, helped us to model the building successfully.

Our model increased the visibility of valuable information to everybody and highlighted how important BIM can be. Apart from creating 3D representations of the built environment, BIM allows all information to be kept in a single model or environment.

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