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How Government is benefiting from BIM?

BIM is poised for greater adoption across agency design and construction projects, as well as into building operations. BIM makes design exploration and visualization affordable, and streamlines the management of construction and infrastructure projects and as-built assets and its installations.

BIM creates structured workflows between various departments

While executing transportation infrastructure projects like bridges and roads, many departments of transportation share responsibility for components of the projects. With TreisTek’s BIM services, it becomes easier to share road and bridge models across teams, and survey data can be used with the need to convert or translate it. Slight changes to the design will automatically update the road elevations.

BIM prevents flooding through analysis and simulation

TreisTek’s BIM model-based flood analysis and simulation helps the engineers and designers to gauge the impact of flooding on critical infrastructure. Our BIM services also support river course correction projects to prevent flooding.

BIM smoothens facility management

TreisTek’s BIM services aid government facilities managers to build a centralized repository of data that connects the systems securely. This helps to schedule maintenance, plan space consolidations, reduce energy usage and many more!

Reduced cost on utility infrastructure

Since utilities acquire the larger portion of the construction budget, it’s necessary to use our BIM services that help to update old and build new infrastructure which in turn results in lowered cost and construction waste.

BIM assists in maintaining airport infrastructure

TreisTek’s BIM services strengthen the facilities management and streamline the processes in order to accommodate growth and rehabilitate existing facilities in the airport.

BIM fosters collaboration

One of the biggest challenges for the government is the duplication of data due to the usage of multiple software tools. But with the help of TreisTek’s cloud-based BIM services, the collaboration has become easier and the real time projects can be streamlined.

Along with managing the changes in built asset design, our BIM models enable collaboration and co-ordination between different professionals. The information generated through our models can be used for cost estimating, project planning and control, and eventually for management of the operation and maintenance of the built asset.

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