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Case Study - Oil and Refinery Plant

Updated: Jul 15, 2021

Project Overview

TreisTek has undertaken scanning and intelligent 3D modeling of a huge oil and refinery plant. The scanning of this project included as-builts as well as clash detection for future renovation and expansion. Whereas, intelligent 3D modeling included transfer of geo-referenced point clouds to the 3D software, automatic sample extraction of digital drawings and so on.

Challenges faced

Initially our client desired for numerous measurements consisting piping diameters, locations, and elevations. Though our engineers were looking at multiple additions and modifications to the current project, collecting the information was a complex and time-consuming task.

Another major challenge was posed when we had to go for multiple scanning of a few areas. Modeling the scanned data was not a cakewalk with challenges like breaking down the data silos and ensuring data quality.


TreisTek provided the client with 3D models, thereby allowing them to work from their own offices without the necessity to revisit the site for additional measurements. This helped to eliminate design time, potential change orders, and equipment downtime. Laser scanning saved the client hours by reducing their travel time and was cost-effective. It also allowed for scanning from a distance which helped us to tackle the challenge of multiple scanning of the same area.

With the help of reverse engineering tools, our intelligent 3D model was used to automatically generate any kind of drawing to design expansion components, perform collision checking, extract material list, schedule maintenance task and other calculations. It also assisted to totally monitor, control and manage a plant environment.


Intelligent 3D model of the plant has proved to be an essential tool for managing, maintaining and designing of the plant. In addition to the geometric accuracy of a simple 3D CAD model, an intelligent 3D model had associated every object with a library of components and complete specifications. Hence it reflected the true as-built geometrical and functional state of the plant.

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