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Case Study -Ship Design

Updated: Jul 15, 2021

Project Information

Input: 2D CAD Drawing and Point Cloud Data

Output: 3D Model

LOD: 300

Software: AutoCAD 3D

Project Overview

TreisTek has expertise in modeling ship design and providing modeling services for companies across the globe. This project called for the 3D modeling of a ship using 2D CAD drawings and point cloud data. When we were asked to provide this service, we were more than happy to assist. The scale and importance of this LOD 300 project were soon apparent.

Challenges Faced

3D modeling of a ship includes various aspects like planning, structural modeling, outfitting, piping, and electrical, and so on. After the project was started, there was a subsequent shortening of delivery time and asked for optimization of designs. We followed the sequential working flow, where each stage would start after the completion and approval of the previous one.

Modeling the scanned data was not a cakewalk with challenges like breaking down the data silos and ensuring data quality.


In order to match up with the delivery time, we passed on to an integrated working flow, in which different stages are performed simultaneously. This implies the convenience to use a single design tool instead of several ones. So, a modification in any of them could be quickly and easily propagated to the others.

With the help of reverse engineering tools, our 3D model was used to automatically generate any kind of drawing to design expansion components, perform collision checking, extract material lists, schedule maintenance tasks, and other calculations. It also assisted to totally monitor, control and manage the project.


Having a digital 3D model of the ship results in reduced rework, time, cost, and increases the quality and efficiency of the project. This also helps to have a streamlined process and proper documentation.

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