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Creating Effective Employee Development Plans

Updated: Jul 15, 2021

In the past few years, training and development have emerged as a crucial element of strategy. We at TreisTek consider it as a prime opportunity to expand the knowledge base of our employees to achieve better outcomes. And for our employees, it’s a peerless chance to grow and develop in their careers.

TreisTek’s training and development plan considers the following –

Having clear goals

Any good plan starts with clear goals. So, we set our goal and ensure that we possess the required training and development materials to achieve it.

Identifying the skill gap

Once the goal is set, we will look into our existing process and issues. Then, we organize a brain storming session with our team to find out the pain areas, skills that we lack, ideas to improve and the impacts. Based on these outcomes, a training program is designed.

Personalizing plans

If we find an employee is not performing, we sit down to discuss the various motivational factors like individual interests, career goals, etc. to create a personalized development plan. This development plan is a road map with necessary skills, time frames, deadlines and personalized career goals. With this, we are able to nurture talent and turn them into key employees of the company.

Getting employee feedback

Although we have the final say over the training program, we ensure that we collect employee feedback. We give them an opportunity to assess their own performance and help them understand the role they play for our success and the opportunities that we can offer them.

Measuring the results regularly

Once we identify the goals and methods of employee training, we take the measurements before and after training sessions. We point out the improved efficiency at both individual and team level and how it has added value to our employee and organization.

Revising the hiring process

Most of the organizations prefer hard skills like job profile, certifications, experience and education when it comes to hiring. But we focus on soft skills such as people skills, social skills, character traits and interpersonal skills while hiring and training. We always believe that a person with a better character can contribute more to our success than a qualified person who lacks right kind of attitude.

Providing opportunities

There are numerous ways to provide training to our employees. We follow ‘learning a new skill and growing within a position’ method. Here, we implement pathways and allow juniors to take part in their seniors’ job. By utilizing this strategy, less experienced employees are given a chance to grow and build their skill sets.

Making it a part of company culture

We have weaved training and development of our people into our company culture. Here, a fresher and a manager have equal rights to seek and give ideas to develop the overall process.

Today, knowledge and skills are very crucial to every organization. Employee training and development results in personal growth of employees, improves their performance, boosts company reputation and addresses weak links in the organization. This saves time and cost on recruiting, on-boarding and training outsiders.

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