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International Women's Day 2021 : The 5 Most Powerful Women Of TreisTek!

Updated: Jul 15, 2021

It is a proven fact that women are a force to be reckoned with. Gone are the days when they used to be confined in their homes and were only known for just taking care of the family! Nowadays, women are walking toe to toe with men, smashing stereotypes and patriarchal customs to make their names in the world. The corporate sector of India along with many industries has seen determined and successful women in developing the nation and economy.

Let’s take a moment to recognize and appreciate these feistiest women of TreisTek, who are giving wings to their dreams and nurturing others’ as well.

A passionate and successful woman entrepreneur!

Jayita Sengupta, the name behind ‘TreisTek’ – an Engineering and GIS solution provider firm, is the most powerful women, a true inspiration and motivation for all. Being responsible for new innovations, she currently heads ‘Projects & Marketing’ in TreisTek. Jayita cites, “I am presently working on next Gen technology. My core vision is to look deeper into cross functional integration.”

Marketing, Sales and Development teams must work collaboratively

After having 15+ years of hands-on experience on diverse industries like IT, Media, Telecom and Engineering – working cross functionally with R&D, Design, Implementation, Sales, Support Services, Finance and HR, she has emerged as an influential business figure. While enabling businesses to achieve its growth, innovation and performance excellence goals, her core expertise lies in strategic planning, program management, enterprise quality and business process optimization.

Self-belief is everything

Jayita lives by the quote – ‘Believe in yourself and own your own success’. “I believe in my efforts. With my undying hunger to learn and explore, I have adopted a path of patience in adverse circumstances. I never start a job that I hate. Once I start, I enjoy every single effort put into finishing it and never look back,” Jayita says.

Four women now hold major positions and responsibilities. They have helped TreisTek withstand the recent global pandemic. While Anjali K. M. manages the entire marketing department, Vrinda Arora takes care of Business Development, Ankita Mukherjee handles Human Resource Management and Vijayalaxmi leads the Smart City Modeling team. At the leadership level, 50% are now women. “We are looking in at bringing in more women on board” Jayita says.

Female power and the growing influence of branding

As the marketing manager of TreisTek, Anjali is the driving force behind TreisTek’s streamlined marketing activities. Smart work with out-of-the box thinking is her true trait. Anjali says, “What makes the brand special is its consistency, quality and the ability to deliver the product/service on time. In our line of business, creating brand awareness and building relationships play a vital role. In a few parts of the world, the hesitant blocks still exist from a very young age like girls not being given toy trains and cars to play with. It may sound like a small thing, but unconscious stereotyping is still holding girls back, without them even realizing it.” She also adds that “Today, there is no denying the unequivocal power that women have in engineering field.”

It is clear that Anjali has made an impact both inside and outside of her role. She’s contributed to a number of articles, case studies, content strategy, and presentations. By taking a stronger position alongside sales, she has helped establish marketing as a strategic partner. Being a passionate public speaker, she always carries the spark with her which lightens up the entire floor.

Raising the bar

Experienced sales professional Vrinda, joined TreisTek as a Business Development Manager. She is responsible for extending the market globally. Vrinda says - “TreisTek is a great place to work! It is a good platform that recognizes talent and hard work while providing a conducive and friendly work environment, flexible work schedules, great co-workers, plentiful training opportunities, celebrations and team outings. While I do appreciate all the company's perks, it’s TreisTek's culture of care and commitment to its clients and employees that tops my list.”

Leveraging her experience in client relationship and client acquisition, Vrinda is heading a Business Development team to scale global heights. She states “It is inspiring to work for a company which is dedicated to sincerely giving its best equally to its clients and employees. I feel gratified and look forward to being a part of this organization for a long tenure to contribute my services for its growth.” Her ability to empathize with other people has made her a very effective negotiator and wrangler of resources to get work done.

Striking the balance

If we are to progress, we must strive for a more balanced workforce that reflects the diversity of our society and invests in the development of all talented workers. Ankita is a true professional who has high standards, cares deeply about relationships and a dependable HR. She cites, “As a company, we need to recruit and build a culture that nurtures and retains top female talent.”

While emphasizing the need to work together, she said “We work as a single team. Right mixture of talent helps everyone to grow together. Fun activities, celebrating the milestones, creating a customized development plan for every employee are always the part of our culture.” Conversations with Ankita are inspiring because she is incredibly smart, thoughtful and generous. Every time we connect with her, the response is always the same: what a delightful and wonderful person!

Fresher to Team Lead

Vijayalaxmi joined TreisTek after completing her engineering degree. She says, “I started my career in TreisTek as a 3D engineer and today, I am leading 3D City Modeling team. Managers here always emphasize the importance of smart work over hard work. One of the great things in TreisTek is the diverse work environment. Every member is treated equally irrespective of their designation. This is the place which values personal growth over accomplishment of tasks.” She is one of the most valuable assets of the TreisTek family.

Vijayalaxmi recollects her sleepless nights while TreisTek was stepping into 3D city modeling as one of the pioneers in the market. “Our first client had almost lost hopes as most of the companies refused to take up the project. But we brought some time out, burnt some midnight oil on R&D and our first 3D City Modeling project was a huge success. Today, we have the confidence to commit to any project that comes our way.”

Overcoming the Stereotypes

More women are advancing in the engineering field. These women of TreisTek are not only breaking the stereotypes but are also role models and mentors for the rest of the crowd. All of them have proven that they have what it takes to win as a driving force in their respective fields.

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