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Culture - The Way We Think, Act and Interact

Updated: Jul 15, 2021

Strong organizational culture is a powerful talent attractor. Hence, we can win access to the best talent in the industry and be the glue that retains top employees amid fierce competition.

Also, innovation and learning which are important for an organization’s growth comes only when we have a strong talented team.

Our employee driven organizational culture includes but not restricted to the following –

  1. Transparency: Employees that feel included and in the loop on important decisions are motivated, engaged and do their best work. So, we communicate the relevant details with our workforce before implementing to foster a culture of trust and inclusion.

  2. Cultural fits: Strong cultural fit means greater job satisfaction, stronger identification with a company, longer tenure, more commitment, and superior performance. We start by defining the key tenets of your organizational culture. Then integrate these criteria into our employer brand messaging, job content and interview processes.

  3. Belongingness: Feeling of safety, belonging and mattering in employees improve communication, collaboration and alignment. So, we always encourage our people to be themselves, follow their instincts and get involved with the rest of their tribe.

  4. Look at people’s strengths as well as areas to improve: While focusing on areas to improve is often our first inclination, TreisTek also brings attention to what people are good at.

  5. Focus on the future as opposed to the past: We always focus on the conversations that will be on the lessons learned in the past and how different the future is going to be.

  6. Focus on asking questions versus giving answers or advice: We always give an opportunity to our employees to think out of the box by allowing them to come up with solutions rather than advising which helps us to bring out the most innovative ideas.

  7. Encourage reflective thinking: We focus on “educate yourself“ policy as educating themselves is the most powerful way to have knowledge stuck with them.

  8. Really listen: In TreisTek, every employee including freshers are given undivided attention during the conversations which is a ‘feel good’ factor.

  9. Ask open-ended questions: TreisTek asks: “How could you solve that problem?” instead of asking “Do you have ideas on how you could solve that problem?” which gives an opportunity to the other person to come up with the solutions.

  10. Create passion: TreisTek believes that employees who fall in love with their work, experience higher productivity and engagement. So, we always ensure that our people are passionate about what they do.

  11. Trust: Organizations that are high on trust are 2.5 times more likely to function as a high-performance organization with revenue growth than lower performance organizations.

Companies that cultivate a strong work culture driven by deep engagement and meaningful work find success, beat the competition, retain and attract high – performing talent.

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