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Employees are the king

Updated: Jul 15, 2021

Almost all the companies in today’s world would like to offer their customers an unmatched experience and are achieving undying customer loyalty by considering them as the king. But the upcoming talent crunch in service sector taught us that the real kings are our employees. TreisTek strikes a balance by treating employees as internal customers. We understand the fact that, they are the ones who strive hard and responsible for accomplishing the organizational goals.

Happy employees tend to parade their enthusiasm while working and achieving their targets. We always ensure that our workforce is engaged, motivated, and, at times, spoilt to the extent that our employees consider retiring with us! Our internal culture and the way we treat our employees have a direct impact on the quality of their work.

TreisTek strongly believes that - ‘Solve your employees' problems, and they will solve your business problems.’ We don't focus on a narrow goal like "We need to increase X by 10%". Instead, we think about the expected obstacles our employees will face to achieve the same and concentrate on employee first solutions. We always consider our employees as our stalwarts.

Our strategies to motivate our employees include “Spiff Program”, “Celebrate the Success” and “Fun Fridays”. Spiff program is a program wherein our employees are rewarded based on their weekly performance. Along with that, we ensure that we pull out time to take our employees for dinner when they successfully complete a project. Apart from these, we have Fun Friday where we organize various fun and team building activities and games for employees on every Friday. Therefore, every weekend our employees’ walk-in with the bells on!

The Founder and CEO of TreisTek, Arindam Sengupta speaks about his views on employees:

“Everyone say customer is the king. Well, my question is who is a customer? No doubt that our clients are our external customers. But the internal customers are our employees. End of the day, if their requirements are fulfilled, the company will be successful. When we don’t differentiate between employer and employee a different kind of work environment is built up. For example, as a startup company, we are prone to face challenges day in and day out. The only way to solve it is be transparent, let the employees know about it and ask for their support. When the situation comes, they will be with us when we do good to them. Employees are our first preference. When we say, ‘think big’, we mean, ‘we think big’ together and grow together. We are looking for young people with vibrant approach plus out-of-the-box-thinking. Real kings and real queens are employees and we are successful because we grow together. As an organization we have treated our employees as real kings and queens and the outcome was out-of-the-box results and when we stand with them, they will be there when you need them the most.”

If employees are not putting their hearts into their work, service can’t help but suffer, and innovation is repressed, killing any chance for us to evolve and satisfy our client’s growing needs. Therefore, we always question ourselves ‘Are our employees feeling good about where they are?’ Controlling how an employee feels are in direct correlation to how happy a customer feels about their experience and whether they return to us or go to a competitor.

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