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World of Work – Socially Distant but More Connected Than Ever Before

Updated: Jul 15, 2021

The current pandemic is causing large – scale loss of life and severe human suffering while having a negative impact on the economy. Those who have managed to stay safe and healthy from the disease still face the consequences of the global health crisis, which affects each and every individual, in one way or the other.

We at TreisTek believe that this is testing our collective capacity to respond during the crisis. And it is interesting to note that the employers and employees all over the world are indeed coming together, in terms of their efforts and actions to support each other.

Our COO Jayita said “Sailing through the tough times is not a cake walk. But this is the time to show the strength of unity and prove the importance of civilization. It becomes our utmost duty to contribute to our own society by helping each other.”

We can confidently say that at TreisTek, many new strong bonds have been evolved between our employees and the management. Staying socially distant has resulted in increased conversations through chats, voice calls and video calls which have helped to stay more connected to each other.

TreisTek believes that ‘social distancing refers to distancing ourselves from flaws of negative impartment and fulfilling our self with positivity.’

So in whole, world of work is more creative and impactful by maintaining social distancing.

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