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Two Way Communication is Key to Enhance Employee Experience

Updated: Jul 15, 2021

The effective communication is very essential to enhance employee experience. In spite of various challenges faced during this time of crisis, TreisTek is continuously motivating its employees and keeping them engaged with positive working environment.

We follow the below methods to enhance our employee experience:


By observing and sensing the need of support, we provide the best approaches and guidance by facilitating regular communication through e-mail reminders, virtual training sessions, or simple discussions. This helps us to lift the spirits of our employees.


Caring and empathizing are the gateway to calm anxieties that can positively impact the productivity and engagement.


To ensure high engagement levels it is vital to have two way communications. In TreisTek, we provide the perspective that our employees need, and an atmosphere where they can express themselves and boost positive sentiments.

With the help of technology, we are able to bridge the communication gaps between the management and the team. To boost employee morale, experience and productivity, we at TreisTek virtually up-skill and re-skill our employees so that they are better equipped while they come out of the lock down.

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